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About NSC

Historical Overview

Founded in 1993, the North-South Company has dedicated over two decades to mastering the complexities of global goods delivery and customs clearance. Our journey saw the establishment of logistics centers in strategic locations across the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Italy, optimizing access to European and Eastern markets.

We pioneered the implementation of fully legal and transparent customs processes, setting industry standards in logistics efficiency and product certification across hundreds of categories.


Current Operations

As of today, North-South stands as a premier international logistics hub, offering an expansive suite of services including customs brokerage, logistics management, and market distribution within Europe and the Middle East. Our mission is to provide bespoke logistics solutions, ensuring efficient, cost-effective cargo transport globally. Our facilities are fully compliant with international customs and transportation standards (ICAO, IATA, WCA), encompassing a comprehensive range of external economic negotiation services from supplier to consignee, including warehousing, customs clearance, and delivery.

Operating within Europe, our key locations include Bergamo, situated in Italy’s prime technological hub near Milan, and Rotterdam, home to Europe’s largest seaport. In the Middle East, our Dubai center, adjacent to the Jebel Ali seaport within the free economic zone, serves as a pivotal gateway for expedited global cargo transfer, offering unparalleled duty-free forwarding services.

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