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Logistics & Supply Chain

Every day hundred tons of cargo pass through our reliable service, to your destination safe, secure, and on time!

Your shipment maybe foods and beverages, delicate artifacts, machines or machineries, automobiles, hazard materials, medical supplies or perishable produce - our fleet and infrastructure is capable of solving your toughest logistic challenges.

Based out of Dubai - the Middle Eastern corridor to the world – North South Logistics provides never before speed and access to the most remote and challenging regions worldwide. Our network providers are concentrated in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, Africa, Asia and America

In common, a goods-producing chain usually includes seven parts: production, processing, packaging, transport, storage and packing, logistics and retail.

We provide a full range of logistics in one hands: transport, storage, picking, localization, repackaging and distribution. This allows you to reduce costs on intermediaries and focus on your core business.

By authorising us to measure and evaluate performance data of all key parties in the supply chain, we are able to improve and add value to its operation in a way that optimises speed while minimising costs.

What we do

Transport logistics:

  • Select the right mode of transportation ROW - ROW (Rest of the World)
  • All kind of freight: AIR / OCEAN / LAND
  • Clearing & forwarding including Door to Door service

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Project logistics:

  • Aircraft Chartering
  • Projects Cargo handling
  • PO / Vendor Management

Full range of Warehouse & Distribution logistics

Contact us for any part of logistics and\or cross-docking operations in the UAE 

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