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Trade center in UAE

Are you trading around the world?  Not satisfied with the offshore schemes and tax optimization?

Consult us, we know how to do it legally without taxes and offshore.

We offer to carry out international trade operations through our  logistics and trade center in the United Arab Emirates.

If you use our logistics services, we will provide you with our  trading service

Thus, in addition to logistics, we will carry out your trading and do it in the required fares.

You will save on registration of a new company  thousands of dollars and weeks of time.


By the way, you  do not need to pay taxes on profits and capital gains in the UAE.
Here, special economic zones operate (Free Hold), which means that foreigners can entirely own their companies.
There are no commercial or bureaucratic barriers. The repatriation of capital and profits will be available in full at any time.

 The main advantages of doing business across the UAE:
– Good geographical position;
 Developed banking system;
 Pleasant business climate;
 Minimum of formalities for businesses.


How it works.

Let's say you purchase goods in Argentina and sell it in the Middle East, Oman, Iran, and Turkey. 
You do not want to show the customer the price of purchase and other data of your provider.
In this case, you have the opportunity to carry out the sale on behalf of our trading company. It will allow you to hide your real supplier and to show correct documents  to the regulatory authorities. In the invoices of our company, your customers will see their prices. But for your accounting documents, we will give you the desired cost of the operations.


In general cases, the scheme of work is as follows:



Additional advantages

We provide accurate inventory and financial settlement with the contractors and your main company.

You will have full access to the commercial and financial accounting in real time. We are ready to keep records according to your standards and requirements.

If necessary, we integrate our system of accounting software for your organization.

You will be provided with a separate manager for operative solution of all urgent matters.



Thus, you are  getting a full contract holder in the United Arab Emirates without having to invest in fixed assets of the company (warehouse, equipment, people, taxes).

Consider that you already have a ready-made office, warehouse, staff, business license and bank accounts.

It will allow you to focus on your core business and give up the "gray" tax optimization.